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Office 365 json api | send emails with inline image attachments

I send the description my team is having with the json integration with Office API 365.

We want to send an email with inline attachments through the JSON API.

With that objective, what we are doing:

1. Create an empty draft message;
2. Send the several inline attachments;
3. Update the body of the draft message (with cid images inline);
4. Send the message;

What is are our issue with the API?

We are unable to set the "ContentType" properties when we submit the attachments to the Office API 365.
Despite the "ContentType" we send, it is always null.

We are using the following API: POST{message_id}/attachments

That's the reason we think that despite the inline image then it is found in the body, it cannot be displayed because the contenttype it is not set correctly.

Please give us some direction.

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