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  1. UNLINK SKYPE FROM OUTLOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ·  Out of scope

  2. Add support for multiple Skype for Business accounts  ·  Out of scope

  3. Show Meeting Attendees in Skype for Business  ·  Out of scope

  4. Xamarin wrappers for native Skype SDK's for Android and iOS  ·  Out of scope

  5. Add Skype for Business PBX to Developer E3 Plan  ·  Out of scope

  6. Post how to incorporate Skype Lite communication functionality into Android apps  ·  Out of scope

  7. Skype for Business meeting invitations able to be customized  ·  Out of scope

  8. Fix the broken link for Outlook add-ins with Skype for Business installed

  9. Add support on v2.0 applications for Skype for Business scopes  ·  Out of scope

  10. Please update the uri of calls for the new version of skype the last one does not work anymore.  ·  Out of scope

  11. Integrate a video player viewable by both parties in a skype video conversation.  ·  Out of scope

  12. Why is the Office UI Fabric icon set incomplete??

  13. minimize when X is pressed

  14. This is an idea cum feasibility analysis for a feature . Application needs to give a poke call(with a ringing) to various phones.  ·  Out of scope

  15. Secure the EWS Protocol with Conditional Access  ·  Out of scope

  16. Push notifications

  17. Provide an SDK for UCWA

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