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    Steve Bolman commented  · 

    Please at least advise the feasibility of this now that Blazor Cient is released. I can appreciate that Blazor 'Server' would NOT be expected to work because it would be on the wrong side of the HTML. On the other hand (in my ignorance) it seems that Blazor Client could be called from the HTML in the same way as the JS is currently. Of course there is a lack of tooling to bundle all this together and I would have no idea how to even start to address this challenge.

    I agree with the sentiment (confusion) shared by other comments, there should at least be some guidance as why this is more than a tooling problem (if someone could at least explain the technical challenges).

    ACTUALLY, I am thinking that this line of questions points out the lack of documentation as to what Taskpanes actually are behind the scenes; when using OfficeJS they look and feel like a browser. But according to the Github repo for OfficeJS "The JavaScript API for Office", where I am confused is that there IS an HTML page that calls the JS code that executes in what seemingly is a 'browser-like' environment (how does the HTML render?) and if these observations are true then why is it not almost trivial to call Blazor code from the HTML instead of JS code? It seems that both "RUN" in the browser right?

    At least from my perspective answers to these questions may go a long way to clear up this confusion.

    The JavaScript API for Office enables you to create web applications that interact with the object models in Office host applications. Your application will reference the office.js library, which is a script loader. The Office.js library loads the object models that are applicable to the Office application that is running the add-in.

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