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    Darren Aitken commented  · 

    Yes...please update this!!!

    Been an expert daily user for well over 15 years and pretty much built my career on VBA and the VBE sort of regretting it in todays world. I feel left behind and let down by Microsoft; MS Office is literally THE daddy used by virtually every company in the world...what do we get? A 20 year old, dreary grey looking, massively lacking in modern functionality IDE to use. Thanks.

    A better debugging experience would improve productivity no end. Simple things like being able to expand and collapse blocks of code like in Visual Studio, a rich intellisense so I can get to exactly what I need within objects and their methods. Being able to see references against User defined Functions and methods (like in Visual Studio...seeing a light grey message above a function or procedure I've created that says 2 other procedures use this would be fantastic).

    It does not need absolutely everything Visual Studio has. It needs to be brought into the year 2019 though...and fast.

    We're in the world of touch screens and portability so would love an updated IDE along with vastly improved controls for userforms that incorporate the abilities of touching screens as well (XAML is incredible...all you need is the .Net framework installed and you get super rich GUI abilities).

    A lot of what we build for companies heavily rely on the controls (listboxes, calendars, buttons, etc) Microsoft have provided; today I'm developing stuff using controls with basic functionality and look like they are from Windows 98. It's shocking we still have only this to work with! No wonder people jump ship and chase other technologies and products.

    Come on are better than this...seriously!

    Darren Aitken supported this idea  · 

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